My hello — Welcome to Michelle Unplugged!

My name is Michelle Dhansinghani and I live in Washington, DC. I’m from the great state of Texas originally from the Rio Grande Valley. I’m currently the CEO of Elan Strategies, a fundraising firm working with national non profits to build a pipeline into corporate America.

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Me being a CEO

My Family

My family and my why.

Besides where I live, what I do (which I do incredibly well) — I’ve defied basically every stereotype that society has placed on anyone that looks like me or comes from my background. I struggle with this often. Why me? Is it because of luck, hard work, or maybe a combination of both. I don’t know but I don’t want to continue being the only one. I want to ensure that I’m pulling other people up with me.


University of Texas 2012 Graduation — This is what a first gen college student looks like..

Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute Class 2010 with Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor aka my shero.

I’ve had a pretty cool life — starting off in Texas, moving to the most powerful city in the world — Washington, DC, living all over Latin America, and traveling on my first solo trip to Thailand. Along the way I got to meet some neat people like Hillary Clinton, Tory Burch, Edward James Olmos, and all of the 2016 presidential candidates — it was a wild year. And I’ve navigated the most powerful institutions and every time I looked around the room — I was usually the only woman in the room and if that wasn’t the case…I’m always the only woman of color.

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With Senator Hillary Clinton at the US Hispanic Chamber of Commerce 2016 Presidential Q&A Series

Tory Burch Foundation Fellows with powerful entrepreneurs from across the country.

I want to use this space to talk about the things I know best and the things that get me fueled to get out of bed every morning — fundraising, women in business, diversity and inclusion, public private sector partnerships, all things politics and maybe travel and fashion.

In conclusion, I vow to use this platform to be true to myself, my family, and my community. Thanks for reading! Nos vemos pronto.